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Charles F. Wolhar and Elizabeth C. Dinger

Charles F. Wolhar and Elizabeth C. Dinger are the parents of William Aloysius Wolhar. The records contain several spellings of the family name including Wolhar, Wolherr, Wollherr, and perhaps Woller.

What we do know about this couple relies on info we have learned about their son, William Aloysius Wolhar:

  • 1907 Wilmington City Directory has William A Wollherr living with shoemaker Charles F. and Elizabeth Wollherr
  • 1911 Marriage Record (Anna S. Conway) list William A. Wolherr's parents as Charles F. Wolherr and Elizabeth C. Dinger
  • 1953 Marriage Record (Xina Alford Foret) lists William Aloysius Wolhar's parents as Charles J. and Elizabeth D. Wolhar - both deceased.
  • 1957 Death Certificate for William Aloysius Wolhar states that William was born on June 10, 1890 in Kandas City Kansas to Charles Wolhar and Catherine --?--

The oddball record here is the 1953 Marriage License which identifies William's parents as Charles J. and Catherine D. Wolhar.

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Who were Catherine Carroll's Parents?

Catherine Carroll was born about 1861 in Pennsylvania according to the US Census records for 1900, 1910 and 1920. The 1900 census indicates that Catherine married John A Conway in 1885, the same year that eldest daughter Mary was born in Wilmington, Delaware. So, it is reasonable to conclude that the marriage was also in Wilmington.

We can guess that Catherine was probably born in a part of Pennsylvania near Wilmington, perhaps Philadelphia.

We know Catherine's maiden name is Carroll from her daughter's (Anna S. Conway) 1952 Death Certificate

Oddly, I can find no record of Catherine or her parents in the US Census records for 1860, 1870, or 1880 (nearly all of 1890 US Census records were tragically destroyed in a fire in 1921)

Finding Catherine Carroll Conway's 1941 Death Certificate would certainly identify her parents.

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Who were Charles F. Wolhar and Elizabeth C. Dinger's Parents?

From the Marriage Record of William Aloysius Wolhar
Gender: Male Age: 24
Birth Date: abt 1887 Kansas
Foreman in Wilmington DE.
Father: Chas F. Wolher.
Mother: Eliz C. Dinger.

Marriage Date: 15 Nov 1911
Spouse: Anna S Conway Age: 24
Father: John A Conway
Mother: Catherine Carroll

1907 Wilmington DE - City Directory
William A Wollherr
Living with parents: Charles F. Wollherr and Elizabeth Wollherr.
Charles F. is a shoemaker

There are numerous references for a Chas. T. Wollharr, a grocer in DE married to an Elizabeth A. But this not our Charles - perhaps a relative? Charles T. does not have a son, William A.

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Who are Margaret Crow Goforth's Parents?

The 1880 US Census says that both of Margaret's parents were born in North Carolina.
The 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 US Census records indicate that Margaret was born about 1822, in North Carolina.
"Find A Grave" says she was born on 12 Apr 1822, and that she died on 16 Aug 1889, and burried at the Union Baptist Church Cemetery in Polkville, Cleveland County, North Carolina, USA.

Margaret and Samuel Goforth were probably married about 1841 or 1842 and their first child, Andrew Jackson Goforth was born in 1843

The death certificates for Margaret's children, Andrew J., Nancy, Rachel, and Margaret all indicate that Margaret's maiden name was Crow.
The US Census records through 1840 only list the name of the head of the household making it difficult to identify Margaret's parents names.
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